Sisyrinchium striatum


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Botanical Name: Sisyrinchium striatum
Common Name: Buttermilk Satin Flower
Hardy Perennial
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Sisyrinchium striatum – Native to Chile this hardy member of the iris family has slender spires of pale buttermilk yellow  flowers with purple veining on the reverse. The summer blooms are perfect for a sunny herbaceous border,  The grey green iris like leaves form neat clumps. Enjoys well drained neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Dry and frost hardy. Good companion for peony plantings for succession of colour. 45cm x 30cm.

Sowing Advice

Sisyrinchium seed can be sown at any time. Sow seed into good quality compost or seed raising mix. Cover with river sand or compost to seeds own depth.  If sown in seed trays outdoors germination may not occur until dormancy is broken by a period of chilling. (Winter) To hasten  process place seed in a moist seed tray  and in a polythene bag and placed in fridge at 4 degrees C  for 4 weeks. Then remove from fridge and polythene bag and place outside in an unheated poly house or plunge them to the rims in a shady part of the garden and cover with glass or clear plastic. Seed should germinate over the spring/ summer, transplant each one when large enough to handle in their own pot and grow on before planting out. Some seed may lay dormant and not germinate until the following spring.