Tacca chantrieri BLACK BAT PLANT

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Family- Taccaceae
H: 60cm – 100cm W: 60cm – 100cm approx.
Woodland, Deep Shade
Seed Count-
5 approx.

One of the plant world’s strangest creations. Black flowers resembling bat faces, with 30cm long whiskers. Weirdly wonderful. Makes a splendid pot or basket for a well-lit bathroom, veranda or window sill. Sub-tropical plant.

Sowing Advice –
Before sowing soak seed in warm water for 24 hours. Keep the water warm, such as in a thermos flask. Sow on moist seed raising mixture. Just lightly cover seed with mix. Light is needed for seed germination. Enclose in plastic bag to keep up humidity. 25-27°C optimum temperature if using a heat bed. Germination takes minimum approx. 30 days, and some seeds much longer. Once germinated place in a well aired and lit area to grow on in pots.

Plant Direct In Garden –
Needs warmth and humidity. Enjoys sub-tropical conditions or a protected site. Likes shelter, lit but out of direct sun, like a veranda, porch, window sill. Protect from frosts. Prefers well drained soil – Sandy or Loam; Alkaline, Neutral or Acid.