Tropaeolum majus ‘Tom Thumb Black Velvet’

Dwarf Black Nasturtium

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These striking Dwarf Nasturtiums are nearly black, with the deepest of red blooms, offset by familiar yellow throats. A prolific bloomer, gardeners can enjoy Nasturtium Black Velvet all throughout the spring and summer. Grows in full sun to 1/2 shade.

Sowing Advice-
Dwarf Black Nasturtium Seed can be sown at any time. Sow seed into good quality compost to seeds own depth. Moist seed tray can be placed in fridge at 4 degees C in a plastic bag for 4-6 weeks then kept on a gentle heat of 15-20 degrees C. Germination may take 8 to 10 weeks. Transplant seedlings into deep 3 inch pots (Olive Pots) to grow on before finally planting with climbing support in a moist, well drained shaded spot or very large pot.

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Dwarf Black Nasturtium

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