Tulipa sprengeri


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Botanical Name: Tulipa sprengeri
Common Name: 
Sprenger’s Tulip
Family: Liliaceae
Hardy Bulb
Seed Count: 

Tulipa sprengeri – Native to Turkey this hardy bulb is very late flowering for a Tulip. Long slender stems 30-40cm long emerge above the fresh green leaves, Shiny, glaucous , sharply pointed buds of buff bronze split to reveal the scarlet petals. Enjoys full sun or part shade among shrubs or in an open border. Where they can naturalize into impressive colonies. Well drained soil is essential.  40cm x 20cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow Tulip seeds on surface of moist seed raising mix and place in poly bag and place in fridge for 12 weeks. Remove the seeds from the fridge  and poly bag and cover with no more than 1 cm  of seed raising mix. Leave outside in a bright warm position or in a unheated poly house. Seeds from different tulip species will germinate a different rates so be patient as could take any time from a month up to a year before germination occurs  Keep the pots watered over late spring and summer and once the new shoots have been growing for a couple of months feed once a week with a half normal dose of standard liquid fertiliser over the growing period. Plant out into open ground the following year.