Veltheimia bracteata


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Botanical Name: Veltheimia bracteata

Common Name: Forest Lily
Family: Asparagaceae
Hardy Bulb
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Veltheimia bracteata – Dusky pink, pendant, tubular flowers in late winter spring are held on stout stems similar to that of a Kniphofia. These large bulbs originate from South Africa and produce a rosette of glossy, mid green, basal leaves with a wavy edge. Enjoys moist rich well drained soil, well lit but shaded position. Frost Tender. Pots are ideal for very cold regions. Great for those very shady positions. When bulb is well formed plant with ⅓ of the bulb above the surface of the soil. Keep cool and barely moist until roots start to form. Increase watering as growth begins. Fertilise every 2 weeks during the growing season if desired. After flowering reduce watering allowing the plant to die back and enter dormancy This is a winter growing plant which will die back in the summer, the next years growth will start to emerge in late summer or autumn after a short period of dormancy. In a frost-free region this plant can be almost evergreen. Requires little attention. Repot as needed every 2-3 years. Offsets can be removed at this time for propagation.  45cm H x 30cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow Veltheimia seeds at anytime, although autumn is best to take advantage of the natural winter cold. Sow onto good quality well draining seed raising mix and cover with 5mm of mix. Keep moist at all times. Germination will occur in spring as the weather warms to 15—20 degrees C. and may take 1-3 months as germination is erratic.  Keep in a well lit  position at all times. Allow seedlings to grow until they enter dormancy when a bulb will form. Transplant bulb when dormant and of good size into a larger pot or in a protected garden position outside.