Veratrum nigrum


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Botanical Name: Veratrum nigrum
Common Name: Black False Hellebore
Family: Liliaceae
Category: Hardy perennial
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Veratrum nigrum, Black False Hellebore: Seldom offered . Found  across Europe and Asia, this very long lived border plant has tall stems of slender finger-like flower spikes. Small individual dark burgundy to purple–black , star like flowers have contrasting yellow anthers and are borne along the flower spikes during summer. Broad pleated leaves form an unusual, almost prehistoric looking rosette at the base. This superb lily relative will improve in stature and size over the years if planted in a shade to shaded position in humus rich, well drained, but moist soil. Unusual and exotic. 150cm x 60cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow Veratrum seeds as soon as you receive them in a cool place onto good quality seed raising mix and cover with mix or vermiculite to approximately their own depth. Germination is erratic, usually around 14-28 days, but may take up to 90 days or even to the following spring to germinate. So do not discard the seed tray until a full 12 months has passed. Transplant to 8cm pots as seedling become big enough and grow on to be planted out the following season. The Black False Hellebore is worth the wait.