Verbascum epixanthinum


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Botanical Name: Verbascum epixanthinum
Common Name:
 Yellow Mullien
Hardy Perennial
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Verbascum epixanthinum – A recent discovery found in the Vikos Gorge, Greece 1999. This short lived perennial produces, large, flat open rosettes of golden haired, grey woolly leaves that are ornamental in their own right. Thick, stumpy, spires emerge over a long season during spring summer, these are smothered with large bright yellow flowers each with orange anthers. Extremely dry hardy. These short lived perennial plants will die back once flowering is completed, but do return again in spring. They will probably live for around 3 to 4 years in well-drained soil, but will continue from self sown seedlings. Enjoys a sunny site. 75cm x 60cm.

Sowing Advice

Verbascum seed can be sown at any time into a good quality compost or seed raising mix. Cover the seed with quality compost or fine river sand to approximately their own depth. Natural germination will occur if kept in an unheated poly house or covered seed raising tray.  Many seeds wait for Spring before emerging regardless of when they are sown so please give them a full season of growth before discarding. Germination can be quicker if kept at 15-20 Degrees C. Keep moist, but not saturated at all times.