Viola cornuta 'Arkwright Ruby' HORNED PANSY


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Viola cornuta ‘Arkwright Ruby’, Horned Pansy: Hardy evergreen, perennial viola with pretty faces of ruby maroon with a yellow strike in the center. Ever blooming through all the seasons and only has a spell when cut back. Tolerates both full sun and part shade and stands reasonable periods of dry. Frost hardy . This lovely low growing perennial is ideal for planting under roses and the front of a perennial border.  Makes a great pot specimen. Perfect for planting over spring flowering bulbs. 20cm H x 30cm W.

Sowing Advice-
Spring sow for flowers the same year. Autumn sow for flowers the following year. Autumn sow under glass. Fill a pot with 90% compost 10% sand. Sow 2mm deep and cover lightly with soil. Ideal temp. 22°C. If seed germinates straight away transplant otherwise seed will be dormant but ready to germinate the following spring. Spring sowing as above, if seeds have not germinated in 2-4 weeks cold stratify. Move to 4°C. for 6-8 weeks then return to warmth at 10°C. When seedlings have 2 true leaves transplant to 8cm pots. Grow on for a year before finally planting out with 50cm spacing.

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