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Agastache nepetoides


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Agastache nepetoides
SALE: Buy 1 get 2 packs

Agastache nepetoides is perfect as background planting, with tall upright growth, handsome foliage and green-lemon flower spikes. Upright 1.2-1.6m of shapely foliage, and a fuzz of flower spikes.
Not permitted for entry to WA

Known by the common name of Giant Hyssop, it blooms quietly through summer and autumn, making a perfect backdrop for flowers of all colours.

Magnet for bees & pollinators

And Agastache nepetoides is a pollinator magnet. So bees, butterflies, native honey-eater birds, and other useful pollinators are drawn to it like a honey pot.
So it is perfect in the veggie patch and orchard, where you can grow it in the ground permanently, or keep it in a pot to move around.
This hardy evergreen, shrubby perennial deserves a place in any potager with its tough, bone-hardy constitution, and water-wise, easy low maintenance.

Tough & easy in shade

Agastache nepetoides is tough, and easily grown in Part Shade to Shade.
So it is a good candidate for those spots near trees and shrubs, where you need a strong vertical accent or a softly coloured leafy background to set off flowers.

Hardy in frost and very forgiving of a wide range of soils, including sandy, rocky, poor soils, and even clay. So Giant Hyssop suits coastal areas, windy gardens, and can tolerate shaded spots, and heavy soil as well.

Water-wise & drought resistant

It is water-wise and drought resistant once stablished, so an ideal choice for gardeners with limited water, as long as it is shaded from the hottest part of the day.

Giant Hyssop is a low maintenance plant, and largely untroubled by any pests and diseases.
The only work required is to cut the whole plant back hard before spring to encourage new growth and a neat shape.
It is a hardy perennial clump, and quick growing for fast garden effect. If seed is sown early indoors, the plants will flower happily in their first year from seed.

Distasteful to rabbits & deer

The foliage of Agastache nepetoides is not fragrant and fruitily flavoured like other Agastache.
Instead it has a bitter flavour which makes it unpalatable to rabbits, deer and those other brutish nibbling pests.
But as far as native bees, honey bees, butterflies and honey-eater birds are concerned, Agastache nepetoides is the bees knees.
It may gently self-seed, and your perennial clumps will increase in girth each year. But it is not invasive.


Scatter seeds directly in the garden during spring or autumn / or sow at any time indoors in punnets.

Sow indoors for quick plants & early flowers: Sow seed in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Pat seed gently into the surface of the mix. Do not cover. Seeds need light to germinate.

Moisten the mix by placing the punnet in a water bath, with the water level below the surface of the punnet, and allow the water to percolate up from the bottom. This will ensure the mix is thoroughly moist but not drenched.

Label the punnet with the name and date sown.

Place in a well lit position, but not in direct sunlight.
Keep punnet moist by misting surface with a water spray bottle.

Temperature of 18-20C approx. is best for rapid germination, but they are not particularly fussy. At optimum temperature seedlings emerge in approx. 14-28 days.
(An electronic heat bed is ideal but not essential, any warm, well-lit spot will do).

Seed Count: 60 seeds per packet approximately.
(We aim to make our seed counts on the generous side – so you receive at least 60 seeds)

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