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Ammi visnaga




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Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’

Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ is a newly developed and improved form of the ever popular Queen Anne’s Lace. but on steroids.

Larger & whiter than white heads

So ‘Casablanca’ has MUCH LARGER heads than normal Queen Anne’s Lace.
And whiter than white when fully open, with a green tinge as they emerge from green buds.

Huge formal domes

The flowers are also arranged in beautifully formal domes, making it very structural and impressive in both the garden and vase.
And it is earlier into bloom than other Queen Anne’s Lace varieties.
So it is taller; snowier white; superb cut; and very very impressive in the garden.

Giant snowy Queen Anne’s Lace

Any Queen Anne’s Lace is highly fashionable with florists, as one of the best white vase fillers.
But florists will walk over cut glass to get Ammi visnaga, the Great Queen Anne’s Lace.
And then run over hot cut glass for this new ‘Casablanca’ form of the Great Queen Anne’s Lace.
It is invaluable for stunning wedding arrangements and any floral work.

Florists run over hot cut glass for it

‘Casablanca’ produces a spectacular mist of fine lacy, white flowers on tall, slender stems, without any side branches. Making it perfect for picking and floristry work.
As well as a perfect background in the garden display.

Beloved cut flowers & foliage for florists

So you can cut armloads of white lacy stems, which last 10 days in a vase.
Or florists can also use flower heads dyed or dried for winter arrangements.
The fresh cut foliage is also highly prized as a lacy green filler in vases and floral arrangements.

Romantic garden display

However Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ is also wonderful just left to naturalize in the garden.
Where it makes a lacy filler between shrubs, under trees, or at the back of the flower border to give that misty, romantic look.

Super easy to grow

Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ is easily grown in the garden or flower field.
So it will happily foam away in either Sun or Shade.

Water-wise & low maintenance

And it is a water-wise, low maintenance, no-care, self-sowing annual / biennial which is with you year after year with little to no effort by you.
The original Ammi visnaga is a native of Egypt – so no surprise it is well adapted to cope with heat and periodic dry conditions.
On top of this ‘Casablanca’ has been recently improved and specially developed for the cut flower trade, whilst retaining all the original wild hardiness.

Quick & easy to raise from seed

Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ is quick and very easy to raise from seed, and once established in the garden will reliably self sow in the garden each year.
Should babies pop up where you don’t want them they are easy to weed out.

“Bees-knees” for pollinators

Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ is the “bees-knees” for bringing pollinators into the garden and supporting our bees.
Bees and other beneficial pollinating insects think any Queen Anne’s Lace is the “bees knees” and go into a frenzy of delight feasting on the nectar.
So plant it near veggie gardens or orchards for good pollination; amongst and behind your roses and flowers for graceful good looks; or anywhere you want for superb cut flowers.

Deer & rabbits dislike the taste

Fortunately deer and rabbits dislike the taste.

Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ is a self-sowing annual / biennial.

90cm High in a cloud of white x 45cm Wide of ferny, lacy foliage.

Suitable for beginners & gardening with kids

Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ seed can be scattered directly in the garden in autumn, winter & early spring, with excellent results.
Or for quicker and earlier plants – sow indoors.

For quick & early plants: First sow a pinch of seed each in a series of deep pots (as seedlings quickly develop a long tap root).
Sow the seeds seeds from mid-autumn until early spring.

Optimum germination is at temperatures of approx. 15-20C.

Sow onto the surface good quality seed raising mix and lightly cover with mix / fine grit or vermiculite to depth of 5mm.

Now thoroughly moisten the sown pots by standing them in a shallow water bath, and allowing the moisture to percolate to the surface of the mix from below.

Then place the pots in a warm, well-lit position (not in any direct sunlight).

Germination is generally in 7-21 days.

Seed Count: 100 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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