Centaurea cineraria


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Centaurea cineraria

Large fuzzy egg yolk yellow flowers in summer & decorative silver furry foliage all year, make Centaurea cineraria great value 12 months round.
Personally I would grow Dusty Miller for the silver fleece, lacy foliage alone.
But the fuzzy, sunny yellow heads are a bonus for summer, and bees, butterflies and other useful pollinators are grateful for them in the heat.

Dusty Miller makes a great contrast in the garden with it’s shimmering silver lace foliage, and pale rounded mound shape. It positively glows in the moonlight, so plant it where you sit on a summer evening.
You can plant it individually to make a small rounded contrast shrub, or plant in multiples to make a silver border or low informal hedge.

Centaurea cineraria relishes Full Sun.
And basks with a smile in drier, windier and tougher spots.
It is heat, dry & frost hardy.
And blessed for being so water-wise and drought resistant.
Plus it also copes with sandy, gravel and poorer soils. But can also make a go of it in clay, as long as it does not remain waterlogged.
So it is a stand out choice for gardeners by the seaside, or in hotter and drier areas.

All round Dusty Miller makes a tough, low maintenance, shrub-like evergreen perennial mound.
It is very low maintenance, with the only work being to give it a trim and shape over after flowering to maintain its glistening silver cushion like self.

40cm H x 60m W approx.

*** Not permitted for entry to Tasmania.


Suitable for beginners & gardening with kids

Can be sown at any time of year. Scatter in directly garden / or sow in punnets indoors for early plants.

Scatter on surface of good quality potting mix. Press gently into surface. Cover with 2mm of mix. Keep away from light for best germination, so cover the punnet with cardboard or black plastic.

Keep moist.
15-24°C is best for rapid germination.

Seedlings emerge in approx. 10-14 days.

SEED COUNT: 25 seeds per pack approx.