Digitalis dubia


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Digitalis dubia

Digitalis dubia is a spectacular perennial, rather than a short-lived biennial Foxglove.
With large, glamorous  shell-pink glove blooms, each showing cream throats delicately spotted inside with deep pink.
And the 30cm spires, close packed with blooms, keep repeating in spring.

Because she comes from Spain, Digitalis dubia is naturally built to cope with hot and dry spells.
So she is a petite but tough little beauty, whose dainty looks disguise a tough constitution.
And she makes an attractive, neat, evergreen foliage clump.
With textured the wrinkly leaves coated underneath with grey velvet (the velvet helps the plant cope with summer heat).

Plus Digitalis dubia is particularly hardy in heat & frost, again because of the rigorous Spanish climate she is naturally built for.
And no staking is needed, as the stout flower spires are naturally self-supporting.
They make great cut flowers.

Digitalis dubia is rated as strongly Rabbit and Deer resistant, because the nasty little critters know that Digitalis contain a chemical compound they should not eat.
But happily our little nectar seeking honey-eater birds, butterflies and bees adore foraging the flowers for their food.

Plant Digitalis dubia in Sun to Part Shade, and it is ideal under trees & shrubs, as well as in the open.

This little perennial Spanish beauty is much more tolerant of heat and dry than normal biennial Foxgloves. Frost hardy. Will also self-sow.

Showy evergreen perennial.

30cm H x 20cm W.


Scatter seed directly in the garden where they are to grow in spring / or sow in punnets indoors at all times.

INDOORS: Sow seeds on surface of good quality seed raising mix at any time.
But do not cover the seeds with mix as they require light to germinate.

Place in warm well-lit place or on a heat mat, and cover with a plastic lid.

Temperatures of 15-20°C are best for rapid and optimum germination.

Keep the sown punnet moist.

Seeds germinate in 14 to 30 days approx.


GROWING: Digitalis dubia

– Height with flowers: 30cm approx.
– Width: 20cm approx.
– Position: Partial Shade, Woodlands, Dappled Light, Full Sun.
– Soil: Well Drained.
– Frost: Hardy.
– Growth: Evergreen Perennial.
– Bees & Brids: Attracts and feeds nectar seeking birds, butterflies and bees.
– Beware: All parts of any foxglove are toxic to humans and other mammals.
– Care: Deadhead central flower spikes after three-fourths of it has faded to encourage more flower side stems.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Deer and rabbits are too smart to have a nibble.
– Origin: Native to the Balearic Islands of Spain.