Knautia macedonica

‘Melton Pastels’


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Knautia macedonica ‘Melton Pastels’

Knautia macedonica ‘Melton Pastels’ has pom pom pincushions in a mix of baby pink, pale blue, salmon pink and wine red colours.

Delightful pastel colours & prolific blooming

Fortunately ‘Melton Pastels’ are also long, prolific, and continuous blooming, during all the summer & autumn months. As well as being delightful colours.

‘Melton Pastels’ also create a pretty clump of lacy leaves which are decorative even when they are not in flower.

Excellent cut flowers on long stems

Plus the delightful little pom-poms on the long, clean stems make excellent cut flowers.
So a patch of Knautia macedonica ‘Melton Pastels’ gives generous value in a compact space.

Plant in Full Sun to ½ Shade.
And ‘Melton Pastels’ can cope with the dappled light and bright shade under trees and shrubs very well, as well as thriving in brighter positions.
Knautia is particularly water-wise, and can manage on limited water.
And it is very hardy in frost, as well as being able to cope with heat.

Hardy little Knautia macedonica ‘Melton Pastels’ can also tolerate a wide range of soils, as long as they are well drained and not soggy.
And particularly likes some lime.

Hardy perennial clump.
60cm. H x 30cm. W.


Sow in punnets indoors at any time / or scatter in garden in winter, spring or autumn.

INDOORS: Sow in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then gently press the seeds to the mix surface, to ensure good contact.
Now barely cover the seeds with grit/mix/sand/vermiculite.

And keep punnet moist in a well-lit position.

Temperatures of 10°C-15°C are best for rapid and optimum germination.

Seedlings emerge in 14-21 days approx.

If seedlings are shy to emerge – then wrap the moist, sown punnet in cling wrap & place in the fridge (not freezer) for 4 weeks.

Then remove from fridge, unwrap punnet & return to well-lit place.

SEED COUNT: 15 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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