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Lavandula multifida




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Lavandula multifida ‘Oregano’

Lavandula multifida ‘Oregano’ is a delightful Lavender with an unusual form and delightful scents.

Delightful scent in foliage & flowers

The velvety, ferny foliage has a delicious scent of fresh Oregano, while the trident flower heads are sweetly scented.

Unusual trident flowers on tall stems

All of the Lavandula multifida family boast unusual three pronged trident flowers, that wave in the breeze on long, slender, woolly grey stems.
But this ‘Oregano’ form is particularly lovely with soft blue-violet tridents that show so well against the grey-green colour of the ferny, downy foliage.

Ferny, velvety foliage

Lavandula multifida is often commonly known as “Fern Leaf Lavender” for obvious reason.
The ferny leaves form a low, dense mound of evergreen (and of course delightfully scented) foliage of approx. 30cm in height.
Then the trident flowers float far above on long, woolly stems up to approx. 80cm. high.
Lavandula multifida ‘Oregano’ is an altogether elegant plant.

Flowers & foliage excellent for cutting & drying

Both the flowers and foliage of Oregano Scented Lavender are excellent to cut and dry for pot-pourri, lavender sachets and insect-repelling wardrobe protectors.
Both blooms and leaves last well and hold their rich colour and intense perfume for a very long time.
So cut a bunch, then hung upside down to dry, and perfume your cupboards and drawers for months. Plus help to repel moths and insects.

Ideal for modern gardens

Lavandula multifida ‘Oregano’ has all the conveniences for modern gardening.
Because it is a naturally compact and rounded grower, making the most of smaller spaces and great value featured in a pot.

Heat & Drought hardy
Oregano Scented Lavender relishes a position in Full Sun, where it can really give off it’s wonderful scent.
It will tolerate acid soil, but really thrives in alkaline soils.
So make sure you treat it with a handful of lime twice a year.

More tolerant of summer humidity than most Lavenders

Lavandula multifida is also more tolerant of summer humidity than most Lavenders.
However it will still hate you if you plant it in a heavy or waterlogged spot, and love you if you give it sandy,  gravel, or any well drained soil, in a hot spot.
It can tolerate light frosts, and prefers some overhead shelter in areas with heavier frosts.
But give it very limited fertilizer, especially in good soil, as it looks and smells even better on lean rations.

Ideal for seaside & saline conditions

‘Oregano’ is naturally adapted to seaside conditions, shrugs off saline conditions, and likes nothing better than a rocky, windy slope.

Water-wise choice

Lavandula multifida ‘Oregano’ is a very water-wise choice for gardeners with limited water.
It is drought resistant, and revels in summer heat, as well as humidity.

Rabbits & deer dislike the taste

The high concentration of aromatic oils in both the flowers and foliage of Oregano Scented Lavender puts it right off the menu for rabbits and deer.

Small, neat evergreen shrub

Making a very low maintenance shrub.
So with just a trim over after the long spring-summer flowering has finished being enough to keep it very neat for the whole year.

Quick from seed to flower

Lavandula multifida ‘Oregano’ is quick and easy to raise from seed to flowering size.
So an autumn sowing of seed will produce flowering shrubs the following spring and summer.

Useful as well as beautiful

Fern leaf lavender was traditionally used in herbal medicine for anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.
It is also still widely used today for cosmetics, soapmaking and toiletries because of it’s fresh scents.


Suits beginners & gardening with kids

Sow seed of  Lavandula multifida ‘Oregano’ in winter to late spring or sow in late summer to winter.

Sow indoors for quick & early plants: First sow the seeds in a punnet on the surface of a well-drained, seed raising mix.

Then press gently to ensure good contact with the mix.
And barely cover with sieved mix as the seeds need light to germinate.

Then thoroughly moisten the punnet by standing it in a shallow water bath and allowing the moisture to percolate up to the surface of the mix from below.

Continue to keep the punnet moist in a warm, well-lit place (not in any direct sunlight).
Temperatures of 18-20°C approx. are best for fast and optimum germination.

Seedlings emerge in 3-14 days.

If the seeds are shy to break their natural dormancy – then cling-wrap punnet and place in the fridge (not freezer) for 3 weeks.
Then remove from fridge, unwrap punnet & return to warm, well-lit place. Keep moist.

Seed Count: 25 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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