Linaria triornithophora ‘Rosea’



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Linaria triornithophora ‘Rosea’

This exquisite icing pink variation of L. triornithophora, really resembles three little birds soaking up the spring /summer sun.  The thin rubbery lance shaped foliage is sage green and is held along up right erect stems. This plant enjoys full sun to light shade in humus rich well drained soil. Heat and dry hardy but not so frost hardy. Save seed. Or plant in a pot so it can be moved to shelter if you experience severe frosts. A dear little perennial than can be shared with children with their fascinating appearance.

H: 60cm W: 25cm approx.


Linaria triornithophora rosea seed can be sown at any time into a good quality compost or seed raising mix. Cover the seed with quality compost or fine river sand to approximately their own depth. Natural germination will occur if kept in an unheated poly house or covered seed raising tray.  Many seeds wait for Spring before emerging regardless of when they are sown so please give them a full season of growth before discarding. Germination can be quicker if kept at 15-20 Degrees C. Keep moist, but not saturated at all times.

SEED COUNT: 100 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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