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Moltkia petraea


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Moltkia petraea

Moltkia petraea has the most arresting colouring as vivid, deep blue bells open from violet-pink buds.
With the flowers coming in dense clustered heads so it really packs a big visual hit despite being such a dwarf shrub.

Arresting vivid blue mound

So this hardy little evergreen shrub forms a rounded dome of colour brilliance for a long blooming season over summer.
And it also shimmers in the breeze as the narrow leaves are deep green and silky on top and silver underneath.

Adapted to summer heat and blazing sun

Moltkia pettraea has built in protection against the heat and blazing light of it’s natural habitat – on rocky slopes in Greece, Croatia and Albania.
Where the light and heat bounce off the limestone rocks relentlessly in summer.

Water-wise, drought resistant & frost hardy

Needless to say Moltkia petraea is well adapted to cope with summer heat and dry conditions, rocky and poorer soils, and a limited supply of water.
It is both frost hardy and drought resistant once established.

It revels in Full Sun; well drained rocky or sandy soil; and long hot summers teamed with frosty winters.
Moltkia petraea is also a lovely specimen for a feature container.
Because it is attractive all year round with the silky foliage and dense rounded shape and also spectacular in summer flower.

Bees & pollinating friends adore the long summer blooming season

Our friends the bees are in seventh heaven through summer as they browse amongst the sweet flower clusters.
While rabbits and deer are not so besotted because they find the aromatic oils in the foliage not to their taste.

Evergreen perennial dwarf shrub.
20cm. High rounded dome x 25cm. Wide of fine foliage.


INDOORS: It is a good idea to first add some extra washed sand or horticultural grit to the seed raising mix to make perfect drainage.
Then sow the seeds on the surface of the seed raising mix.
And pat lightly to ensure good contact of seeds to the mix.
Then cover only very lightly with fine grit / washed sand / sieved mix because these seeds need light to germinate.

Now thoroughly moisten the sown punnet by standing it in a shallow water bath and allowing the moisture to percolate to the surface of the mix from below.

Then place it in a warm, well lit position (not in direct sunlight).

Temperatures of 15-25C are best for optimum and rapid germination.
You can use a heat mat if you have one.
Though it is not essential as these seeds are willing germinators.

Continue to keep moist by misting from a spray water bottle.

Seeds germinate in approx. 21-30 days.

However if the seeds are shy to germinate they will benefit from a period of moist chilling to break their natural dormancy.
So place the moist, sown punnet in a sealed clip-lock bag (or cling wrap).
And place in the fridge (not freezer) for 4-6 weeks.
Then remove, unwrap and return to the warm, well-lit position for germination.

SEED COUNT: 10 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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