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Rudbeckia occidentalis

‘Green Wizard’


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Rudbeckia occidentalis ‘Green Wizard’

Striking black cones above green sepals on Rudbeckia occidentalis ‘Green Wizard’.
So this hardy Coneflower is extraordinary; with striking, huge, almost black central cones surrounded by bright green sepals that flare out like a star.
Long blooming in summer and autumn when the unusual features are always a talking point.

Rudbeckia occidentalis ‘Green Wizard’ is hardy, easy to grow, and quickly forms a good sized plant with plenty of lush green foliage.
And it also makes an unusual and long lasting fresh cut flower, or used in dried arrangements.

Plant Rudbeckia occidentalis ‘Green Wizard’ in Partial Shade to Sun.
And it is hardy in heat & frost.

So it is easy to grow, with little ongoing maintenance, except for cutting down the spent flower stems at the end of the long blooming season.
However if you treasure your seed eating small native birds, then you will leave the seed cones to stand into winter. When they provide much appreciated feed for our small feathered friends.

Rudbeckia occidentalis ‘Green Wizard’ is an enchanting and low maintenance perennial clump.
1.2m H x 50cm W.


Suits beginners & gardening with kids

Sow at any time of year in punnets indoors / or scatter seed directly in the garden in spring or autumn.

Indoors: Sow seed in punnets on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then gently press the seeds to the surface of the mix, to ensure good contact.
Now just barely cover the seed with mix / grit / vermiculite.
Because light is needed for best germination.

Thoroughly soak the mix from below by standing the sown punnet in a water bath until the moisture has percolated to the surface.

Now place the sown punnet in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sunlight).

Temperatures of 13-16°C approx. is best for rapid and optimum germination.
Continue to keep moist with a mist-spray water bottle.

Seedlings emerge in approx. 14-21 days.

Seed Count: 30 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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